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7 Steps To A Stellar Video Application

You can share with employers via email, social platforms and add it in the resumé section on any career site or job board. Follow these simple steps to record and share your first video resume. Create a simple and personalized video resume that makes you stand out, be REAL and innovative. Easily create videos for everything from how to accept an offer, to team introductions and day one advice. The most effective video platform for bringing your employer brand to life.

how to make a video application for a job

From this side of things, I certainly see their value and understand their rise in popularity. We receive hundreds of resumes every month, and a video allows us to get a more dynamic sense of someone than the written word allows. This is the part that stuck out to me, because it seems to be misunderstanding the purpose of an interview. It feels like you’re treating an interview almost as an inconvenience and trying to speed up the process/make it easier on the hiring manager by pre-answering some of the questions you think they’ll ask.

What you say and how you present yourself is up to you! But if you’re interested, you can get some tips from creators on the TikTok Resumes website or in the channel (#TikTokResumes) in the app. On that note, here are a few tips to help you make a 5-star application video. Sit in a calm, well-lit place with a nice background. Place the laptop at your eye-level and sit facing the light.

They used them again, later, to refresh their memory of candidates they brought in for on-site interviews. I’ve been referencing some for building a deck, and the range is huge. And while that goes to basic storytelling tropes, it’s entirely usual that a unique name or minor twist lodges in the back of your mind, to be hauled out years later with no idea where it came from. And even for the small percentage who might think a video is helpful, the risk is high that your particular effort won’t be effective. And do not let any friends or family tell you that your video is the exception.

If you make a joke and immediately realize that it was severely less funny than you’d hoped, you can take it back! It’s an interview minus the mishaps and subsequent facepalms, and the chance to make an awesome first impression with the added ability to take as much time as necessary to get it right. And, sign up now to customize your page, create more video resumes, and get analytics. Sign up now to customize your page, create more video resumes, and get analytics. If you want to show you can make a kickass, highly produced video with killer content on a topic you’re interested in, make one and post it to Twitter.

If you’re struggling for an edge over other job applicants, try something new. The beauty of an application video is that you don’t have to settle on a bad take. If the neighbor’s dog is barking incessantly in the background or you get off track, do it again. In my case, I couldn’t figure out how to sign off in a way that seemed natural. After a few takes, I found a smile and wave that didn’t make me look insane.

Be Real Witha Video Resume

So don’t fear that following the process will hurt you. We mostly hire fairly inexperienced people, so we’re pretty forgiving; we wouldn’t knock you out of the pool for sending it or anything. But we wouldn’t watch it, and it would count very slightly against you. My reaction on seeing that you’d submitted it would be pretty much a sympathetic but slightly condescending “Oh, bless her,” which is not the response you’re hoping to elicit. But that’s a video of their work or a package for a story that they covered…not them answering common interview questions.

how to make a video application for a job

However, part of the application process included submitting a video, which was a very first in my job search adventures. It was surprisingly difficult to figure out how to make an entertaining https://globalcloudteam.com/ 3-minute video of me talking—it was awkward, and I didn’t really want to do it. But I forged ahead, spent a weekend making the video, sent in my application, and ended up landing the job.

Watch Your Own Video

If there’s compelling information that you want to give them at this point, put it in your cover letter; there’s no reason it needs to be in video format. If you found a specific job on the TikTok Resumes site you want to apply for, get the link to your video resume. On the right side of your video, tap the three dots and then tap Copy link.

If this is more about you, the candidate, with a nod to video, I don’t see the benefit. I read through the gimmicks section of your site, and I’m not 100% sure if this would fall into that category. Part of me says yes it does, because employers will ask me the questions they want to ask if they want to ask them. I also read what you said about the risk for being seen as discriminatory, which I hadn’t thought of.

how to make a video application for a job

So I recommend that applicants stop trying to ‘set themselves apart’ in the early stage and just follow directions. There’s usually a very good reason for the requests , and trying to work around the application process doesn’t make applicants stand out in any good way. I can also tell you those setter-aparters are rarely qualified for the role in question. I always like getting industry-relevant content that is created by an applicant, however. Show off what you can do, just do it in a way that isn’t about you, but about sharing relevant interesting information with people.

What Are Other Terms Used To Describe A “video Job Description”?

So, it’s no surprise that the platform is expanding its channels to business. Beth studied Interpersonal Communication in her beloved home state at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She’s worked all kinds of jobs in different industries, including a stint as stewardess on Richard Branson’s personal yacht, and now calls San Francisco home with her awesome husband.

As a hiring manager, I wouldn’t be particularly impressed by a candidate’s ability to make a video. Show your ideal candidate the possibilities of the role and the benefits of your workplace with insightful video job ads, employee interviews and personalized candidate communications. There were a number of pioneers who tried video job descriptions in the early days. ExpertVillage, an instructional Web site, showed video job descriptions as early as 2007 such as this one for a news reporter.

  • I am sure there are people who have done this and for every one that maybe lucked out and got a job, most probably didn’t.
  • Had I applied for a job doing that I might have sent a showreel if I was asked for one, but would never have made a video resume.
  • There have been a couple places I’ve applied to that required a video (filmed just for them / answering specific questions, of course) to be included with your application.
  • I cannot handle love scenes without cringing, though.
  • I’ll also point out it takes several hours to shoot and edit even a 2 minute video, which is a lot to ask of someone you haven’t even talked to yet.
  • My ability to design teapots is not, in fact, related to or correlated with how funny I am doing improv at my phone in my living room.
  • Most hiring managers are spending mere seconds on your resume before making a decision about whether to put you in their yes, no, or maybe pile.

I do think you could send the video to friends/family who do hiring and ask them to critique your answers, though. This blog has a question-and-answer format, and given that, I’d say an implied conversation is perfect construct to use. The TikTok Resumes pilot program offers positions in the United States and runs through July 31, 2021. The company mentions its plans to grow and improve the program. Each company has its own process for reviewing and contacting applicants.

Stand Out On Social Media With Avideo Job Post

I’ve worked in media and used to interview people on-camera. Had I applied for a job doing that I might have sent a showreel if I was asked for one, but would never have made a video resume. Even talk show presenters would surely only send clips of themselves in action, never of themselves answering job interview questions. The pilot program TikTok Resumes gives video creators a chance to land a new career. Companies like Target, Chipotle, and Shopify are inviting applicants to apply for jobs using video resumes.

how to make a video application for a job

That is the kind of thing I might include a link to if I were applying for a relevant job. If you want to increase confidence in yourself, that’s outside the scope of a job application process. Do what you have to do , but don’t burden employers with it. Most hiring managers are spending mere seconds on your resume before making a decision about whether to put you in their yes, no, or maybe pile. They don’t want to watch or listen to a video; they want to scan the parts of your resume that they want to scan, and they want to do it quickly.

Amplified With Video

Sorry – I spend a lot of time thinking about how to communicate things and sometimes get lost in that. OP said what she wanted to just fine; everyone understood her. It’s a gimmick, and the majority of employers won’t watch it. After you capture your video and edit it to perfection, make sure to include #TikTokResumes in the caption. You’ll also want to allow everybody to view your video. Open TikTok on your Android device or iPhone and hit the plus sign to create your video.

If you can’t figure something out, there are a myriad of YouTube tutorials to show you how.

Monitor performance with video engagement stats, team output and paid ad analytics. There are no cases I can think of where it would be a good idea to do what the OP is proposing. I appreciate that you worked hard on this, OP, I do – but that’s not the same as saying your intended audience has an interest in seeing it. I cannot handle love scenes without cringing, though. Things that wouldn’t faze me remotely on the page are incredibly awkward when I am driving alone in the car, much less with husband and kids. You and I don’t know each other that well, narrator–show some decorum.

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I can’t speak for all employers, but as far as our team is concerned, we aren’t looking for the most well-written monologue or the highest production quality in our applicants’ videos. We’re looking for personality, creativity, intelligence, and effort. A video is an extra opportunity to show a company how to make a video app why you really would be an excellent addition to their team, so have fun and take advantage of it. Create a branded Video Job Post in less than 10 minutes using the latest C-Me video job post template. Even without an Ad in front of it, people would rather get information in written form, quickly.

Should I Create A Video Of Myself And Send It Along With My Job Application?

It was exactly what we were looking for—and she works here now. If you find yourself faced with the task of making an application video, fear not! The wonderful part about a video application is the level of control it enables.

Higher Application Rates

Or, how about a slideshow with a voiceover, using Story Wheel? All of these things are options, so be creative and choose something that feels natural to you. Create branded animated videos in C-Me or use your existing video content. Find out how easy it can be to create and share branded employee video, in minutes.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but that’s part of the charm! I could answer questions preemptively and showcase my connection with our social media focused world. All my friends except one love the idea, so I’m currently torn! ” – it sounds a lot better but the flow of logical is exactly the same. I think X because Y; however, there’s competing evidence Z and we must also consider A. Now, seven months later, I’m involved in the interviewing and hiring process at ZeroCater HQ, which includes watching applicant videos.

Rather than a cold piece of paper, you can let your personality and professionalism shine. The first known integrated video job description, in which video, JD text, apply button and other components were on a single Web page, was created by Ongig in early 2011. Ongig later built a Cloud-based platform with a content management system and analytics to automate the creation, distribution and measurement of video job descriptions. There have been a couple places I’ve applied to that required a video (filmed just for them / answering specific questions, of course) to be included with your application. If I had had any better options, I wouldn’t have bothered; as it was, it was a lot of extra effort to go through to not even get a phone screen. Come on — you can have a fun/relaxed company culture without expecting every single employee to be a YouTube comedian .

It’s so much faster to read it myself, instead of focusing on someone else’s monologuing about a thing for a long time. Programs like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Movie Maker are intuitive and easy to use, and there are plenty of free video editing programs to try. You don’t have to be a seasoned editor to make small changes that go a long way.