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How to wifi blast extender review Boost your Wi-Fi Signal.

Dont you hate it if you prepare everything for an excellent movie night just to get a weak Wi-Fi sign that leads to a sickening buffering all of the time? I bet you’re doing. Weve all been there. Whether youre sitting outside and attempting to see a YouTube video or in the kitchen looking for a new recipe on Google, a weak Wi-Fi sign can be a pain in the neck. Luckily, there are several tactics to boost your Wi-Fi sign around the house.

How to Boost your Wi-Fi Signal.

Tips related to this router itself.

Change your routers location.

This is probably the most obvious solution. Its totally normal for a router to have a limited range that doesnt cover an whole residence. In any case, radio and walls interference may weaken the sign. To solve these issues, you can apply the below hints:

If you simply need the Wi-Fi link in a specific room in the house, move the router into that room. Place your Wi-Fi device in the middle of your home in an open space thats not too low, nor too high. Get your router from phones and microwaves working on precisely the same frequency (which is usually 2.4Ghz) Keep your router from metallic surfaces as they reflect Wi-Fi sign Your router needs to be away from neighboring homes that have their own Wi-Fi networks since they might cause interference if theyre working on precisely the same channel.

Wi-Fi sign may be impacted by neighboring Wi-Fi networks. If your neighbors house is near yours, then ensure your routers are far from one another and on different stations. All devices use a 2.4GHz frequency, but dual-band ones use both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. If a person falls into the second category, switch to the 5Ghz frequency, which will lessen interference.If your router works on the 2.4Ghz, then you have to check the most famous Wi-Fi station in your area and use it to your system.

For more information regarding Wi-Fi system stations and how to tweak them, you can check our manual here.

Replace the antenna.

Unscrew the current antenna to replace it with a more powerful version of your choice. For the best results, start looking for a uni-directional antenna that can focus the sign in a particular direction of your own choice, such as your room, kitchen or even the pool. Some previous routers have unremovable antennas that cannot be changed. If thats the case for you, you can Search for a newer router that fits your needs, which takes us into another tip:

Receive a newer router.

The same as any other device, routers get outdated and therefore are bound to neglect time. If your machine starts showing signs of failure, then you need to consider obtaining a new version, as manufacturers update their merchandise all the time, to encourage you to purchase new ones naturally, so the latest versions have a tendency to be simpler and more complex. If you purchased your router lately, take a peek at your warranty as it may cover merchandise replacement within a particular time period.

Update the firmware.

Every router requires a firmware to do the job. This microcode becomes regular updates from producers to improve stability, safety,and performance. Be certain that you update yours if theres a new version available as outdated software may cause bugs and slowdowns. To do it, you need to check your devices manual to find out whether the update is completed automatically or you have to download and install it manually.

Disconnect unnecessary devices.

The more devices you’ve connected to the same network, the weaker it would be. Disconnect any unnecessary devices connected to a Wi-Fi, be it that secondary tablet you have in your living room, your smart TV or even your smart phone if youre with your computer and vice versa.

Secure your system against signal-thieves.

We all have that one neighbor whos constantly asking for the password, and most of us hate it if they do it too. But as soon as you refuse giving up your quick connection to fulfill a neighbor, then they can turn into signal-thieves seeking to violate your privacy in every conceivable way. To protect yourself from these malicious attackers who can weaken your internet speed, you can do the next.

Change the safety protocol from WPS into WPA/WPA2 Change the Password frequently, and choose a powerful one every time Hide your own networks SSID to induce anyone seeking to connect to type it manually.

Devices you can add for a better sign.

Get a Wi-Fi extender.

A Wi-Fi extender gets the sign from the router, amplifies it and retransmits it. You can extend a cable from the primary router into a location in which you would like the network signal to be stronger and connect your Wi-Fi extender there. In this manner, the central router transmits a network sign through the cable to expand its scope,and the extender gets a new Wi-Fi name.

This plug-and-go solution is fast and easy to configure and offers the quick connection you want wifiblast. Some extenders use theWi-Fi sign instead of a cable. You may see a drop in speed If these extenders communicate with your devices on precisely the same band that it uses to communicate with the router.

Use a sign Amplifier.

If your Wi-Fi sign is unable to reach certain places in your home or workplace, try out an amplifier to boost the signal coming from the primary router. A Wi-Fi amplifier contains two wireless routers. The very first receives the Wi-Fi link you already have and sends it into the next, which produces an amplified signal.

Amplifiers are different from extenders because they permit you to maintain the original name of this network. These devices are easy to configure,and you dont need a cable extension to use them. Whats even more convenient is that there are waterproof Wi-Fi amplifiers which can prove invaluable if you would like a stronger link outside the house, from the pool for example.

The same as routers,amplifiers can experience interference that can destabilize the connection.

Wireless Access Point.

You may have noticed these devices in big corporations and offices. Wireless Access Points or APs are used to extend a Wi-Fi sign to cover huge areas and construction. While installing these equipmentcan be futile in your home networks, you can try this process to better your office link allowing it for to hard-to-reach places and corners. Some routers have an Access Point Mode, which requires another broadband router to get the job done.

Quality-for-Service Tools.

In short, Quality-for-Service tools limit the total amount of bandwidth that your programs and services use. This way, you dont have to be concerned about the other users of the same system as they have a particular bandwidth they cant transcend. If all of the network users opt to download a movie or a video game in precisely the same time, they’ll do it via a connection that is slower. That may not seem as the most convenient solution, but its a good one to consider if everyone in your house or workplace frequently employs the same system to download films, have video chat, play video games or use torrents.

If youre desperate, use some Do-It-Yourself tweaks.

If youre looking for a fast remedy to boost your signal without breaking the bank, you can apply one of those DIY tricks that you find online. My favourite is that the windsurfer tin foil hack, however there are countless other methods on Google too, so its time to start that garage of yours once again!


If youre suffering from a slow internet connection, consider following the above steps, as theyre helpful and will guarantee a much higher speed most of the time. Do you have any other tips to enhance Wi-Fi sign? Share your wisdom with us in the comments!

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