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StarCraft II WCS Global Finals Groups C/D Predictions

the first day of the starcraft ii wcs global finals has just finished. we’ve watched as serral and maru dominated their respective groups, and now the daily esports team is here to keep the hype alive until tomorrow with the second half of our predictions, for groups c and d. if you missed our predictions for groups a and b, then take a look at that first.

tyler: every bone in my body wants has to advance out of this group. sadly, i don’t think it’s going to happen. stats and dark are both just too good to fall for his cheese in such a critical point of the starcraft season. on the other hand, showtime put up a pretty decent showing at gsl vs. the world. i don’t expect him to advance out of this group either, but i think he has a chance.

alex: dark is another favourite of mine. in my opinion he’s going to sweep in this round, especially since he’s the only zerg in a group full of protoss, which means everyone would need to devote extra time to practicing their zerg game just for him, whereas practicing protoss helps prepare them for everyone else. i also just really want him to move on though. it would be great to see showtime move on as well. i think if any non-serral foreigner could do it, then, maybe, it could be showtime. but honestly, stats is just too amazing for that. i’m betting on pro evo soccer on dark and stats for this group. sorry, has, you’re my heromarine of group c.

alex: i’m taking the sure bet and going with the koreans on this one as well. classic and rogue have got this in the bag, although if special could pull some fancy moves and go to the round of 16 i’d be super thrilled. if classic made it all the way to the end i don’t think anyone could say they were surprised, and rogue is another of those amazing korean zergs that i just love to watch. i hate to say nerchio doesn’t stand a chance, but i did just say it.

tyler: i’m also going with rogue and classic advancing out of group d. rogue is an obvious favorite, since he won all of the wcs global finals last year. meanwhile, classic has pretty quietly been one of the best players this year. classic ranks third in total wcs points, behind only serral and maru. nerchio has had a pretty lackluster year overall, so i don’t expect him to make much of a splash in this group. i would love for nerchio to prove me wrong, as he is one of my favorite players. however, my dark horse for this group is special. he’s had a great year overall, and on the right day i think he can beat anyone in group d.

so there you have it, our predictions for the group stage. but just to make this a little more interesting, we’re also going to include our predictions, and maybe a bit of our hopes and dreams, for the final four players in the wcs global finals. we’ll be tuning in for the rest of this weekend and all of next weekend to see how close our predictions were, and if you want to get in on the action, you should post your top four in the comments below.

alex’s final predictions:

tyler’s final predictions: